Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nixon to investigate gasoline price gouging

When I left Joplin to attend a Natural Disaster practice Tuesday afternoon, the price of gas was $2.49 a gallon. By the time I returned, it had increased by more than 30 cents and this afternoon it was $2.99. That still pales in comparison to the $6 plus being charged in the south, according to news reports.
Attorney General Jay Nixon will investigate whether we are seeing an epidemic of price gouging. Governor Matt Blunt issued a news release today saying he had "directed" Nixon to conduct the investigation. While it is good to see Blunt taking strong, decisive action to benefit the taxpayer instead of big business, it is safe to assume that Nixon would have conducted the investigation anyway, even if he had not been directed to do so.


Anonymous said...

"Natural Disaster"-maybe you should just call it "the band" for a few days.

Randy said...

Perhaps, but then considering the number of times we have donated our services for benefits for fire victims, cancer victims, people injured in industrial accidents, and for other causes, it may be just the right name to let people know we are willing to help.

Robin Montz said...

I just talked to my brother in California (Los Angeles County), and they're paying the same $2.89 per gallon for gas that we are in Southwest Missouri, and in that state they pay a huge fuel tax as part of the cost of the gasoline. If you deduct the fuel tax (which pays for freeway construction and maintenance) they're getting gasoline for far less that we are. Where is the profit going from gas in SW MO?