Monday, July 16, 2007

No mention of CFI sale on KOAM noon news

The sale of CFI, a major Joplin business, was the lead story on KSN's noon news, with no mention being made of it on KOAM as far as I could tell.
KOAM led with a newsworthy story about the continued problems caused by recent flooding, but apparently either no one was watching the wires or the story is being developed for 5 p.m.
KODE, of course, is showing All My Children.
The print media was all over the story through their internet outlets as the Joplin Globe and Jeff Wells of Tri-State Business (posting on the Springfield Business Journal website) both had the news within minutes of the announcement.
(Update: Anchor Dowe Quick, in a brief preview of the 5 p.m. newscast, says it will include information about the CFI sale.)


Anonymous said...

Randy, a question. The Turner Report used to be a blog analyzing local media, and it appears you are trying to shift this into a political blog. Is this the case? Of the posts appearing on the main page right now, 12 are primarily political, 9 are journalism-related, 6 have legit local ties, and 2 seem to be completely unrelated to anything around here.

Randy said...

It goes in cycles. There will be times when nearly everything is media-related, and other times, like now with the July 15 deadline for turning in campaign finance reports, that nearly everything will be political. I primarily go with whatever is in the news, or whatever is most interesting to me on that day. I try to balance it between news and commentary about politics, media, business, courts, general interest, and the various projects I have going.