Monday, June 08, 2009

Jackson: KSNF should be back next Wednesday or Thursday

If everything goes as expected, KSNF will be back on the air next Wednesday or Thursday, Jim Jackson just said on KODE's 5 p.m. report. Jackson, of course, is the long-time KSNF anchor and is also news director for both stations.


Anonymous said...

OK, someone help me out here. I haven't lived in the area for several years, but was always amazed that the Joplin region could support so many TV stations. But how is it one man, Jackson, can be news director at two rival networks? Am I missing something?

Randy said...

Nexstar Broadcasting runs both stations as a duopoly. In nearly every community in which Nexstar has a station (in Joplin, it is KSNF), it partners with Mission Broadcasting and runs both stations.