Friday, February 24, 2012

The anonymous bullies who comment on blogs

Those who have read The Turner Report over the past nine years have seen this pattern before.

I write something that ticks off someone and the vicious comments begin almost immediately and don't stop. And at some point it always leads to personal accusations about my past (and if I had done all or any of the things these anonymous bullies and cowards accuse me of doing, I would probably be sitting in a jail cell).

The same pattern began shortly after my post about the firing of McAuley Coach Chuck Williams earlier this week. And I made the same mistake I have made in the past. I went out of my way to be fair to those who were leaving comments.

Though I deleted the ones that were the most egregious, I wrongly left derogatory comments about the alleged victims in this case, one of whom is underage. That was a mistake. Those comments have also been removed.

At least one person, perhaps more, has been bombarding me with negative comments, often the same ones over and over, berating me for not publishing them. These comments have included some new stories that I had never heard before about why I was fired at The Carthage Press. I accidentally posted one of those. It is also gone.

The anonymous writer noted a few moments ago that I had deleted nine comments, bringing the number on the Williams post from 32 to 23 and he bragged that he has "a screen shot" of them. Congratulations! What I deleted were comments that made you look like a jerk. I also deleted one comment that I had accidentally posted twice, my complete rundown of the times I was fired at various places, (all of which I wrote about extensively in Newspaper Days, which is available at and I did not sugarcoat my shortcomings in that book), and several cowardly swipes at the girls who were involved in the incidents that led to Williams' dismissal.

Call it a violation of your First Amendment rights. It is not. You can take your screen shot and you can publish it anywhere you want. You can even start a blog and if you are lucky and have any writing skill (doubtful from the samples I have seen of your writing) perhaps in a few years you will develop a following that is a small percentage of the reading community I have worked years to build.

I would advise you take one step if you plan to do that. Use your real name. My readers don't have any use for cowards who want to bully teenage girls under the cloak of anonymity.

My blog has always been open to comments, whether they agree with me or not. I encourage a a wide-ranging discussion on issues and news stories. I will continue to do so. Character assassination has no place on this blog and will not be tolerated.


Mo Rage said...

They aren't just "bullies" alone, they are cowards--patent cowards.

Be glad you don't live in Kansas City. You should see the daily ignorance and cowardice that posts itself on this one local blog--Tony's Kansas City. Every knuckle-dragging trogladyte, neanderthal for 200 miles comes 'round, says horrible, ugly, stupid, and/or vicious things and then signs themselves "anonymous."


It and they are pathetic.

Trouble is, you can't get through to them, either.

I refuse to post the really ugly stuff, should they come by. Fortunately, I'm too boring for them, thank goodness. (And/or over their heads).

Anonymous said...

mo rage do you have a name or is it anonymous,i'm anonymous but don't hide behind it as you do,don't turn this against me,come up with a real name,or close it dowm

Anonymous said...

Randy you rock!!! Bullies & coward stink...Catholic, Baptist, Protestants, etc!

Karrien said...

I agree with you Mo Rage, bullies are nothing but cowards. My son has to deal with bullies on his blog as well and it can be more hurtful than people think. There is a great website, , that has great ways to stop bullies like this. I hope this is helpful for those who are dealing with this problem.