Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Collins mayor caught in internet sex stings begs police officer for mercy

It just keeps getting deeper and deeper for Collins Mayor (and minister) Allen Kauffman.
Kauffman, who was arrested last week in one of Diamond Police Officer Jim Murray's internet sex stings, called Murray and begged him to drop the case, according to an Associated Press article:

Police Detective Jim Murray played a tape of the phone call from Allen Kauffman, 63, to The Associated Press.

On the tape, Kauffman says he is begging for mercy and asks the detective to make the case go away.

At one point, Kauffman asks if the detective could "just take" the hard drive seized from Kauffman's home computer and not do anything with the evidence.

Kauffman, reached at home, confirmed to the AP that he had made the phone call but denied he was asking the detective to destroy evidence.

Murray has turned the recording over to the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office, according to the article.

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Anonymous said...

So how dumb do you have to be to be mayor of Collins? It seems to me that anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that if a cop busts you, you don't call him to beg him to discard the evidence. I hope they throw the book at this dumb pervert.