Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Akin "apology" to liberals: I am sorry you understood exactly what I was saying

Apparently, watching one politician after another suffer for not immediately taking back a controversial statement was not enough to educate Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.

Akin, under fire after an interview in which he pretty much said that God is a conservative and all liberals are heathens finally issued one of those statements today, in which he indicated he was sorry because people did not like what he said.

The Akin news release is printed below:

Today, Congressman Akin released the following statement regarding his interview with Tony Perkins regarding NBC’s redaction of “under God” from its broadcast of the pledge of allegiance during the U.S. Open.

“People, who know me and my family, know that we take our faith and beliefs very seriously. As Christians, we would never question the sincerity of anyone’s personal relationship with God. My statement during my radio interview was directed at the political movement, Liberalism not at any specific individual. If my statement gave a different impression, I offer my apologies.

“My point was to object to the systematic assault that attempts to remove any reference to God from the public square.

“NBC’s recent action only highlighted the continuing battle for those of us who believe that removing references to God go contrary to the Judeo-Christian heritage our nation was founded on- the belief that our inalienable rights come from God himself, and the freedom to live our lives and worship as we see fit.”


Anonymous said...

"the freedom to live our lives and worship as we see fit.”

Which means we can worship who we wish or not worship anything. Faith is between an individual and their God, not the state or political philosophy and their God. You may find that one day you might not have enough conservatives to get the votes you need and how better to get people "on the other side", heathens to compromise with you. Oh wait I forgot Republicans don't compromise.

Anonymous said...

.....and liberals are incompetent, closed-minded fools.

Anonymous said...

".....and liberals are incompetent, closed-minded fools."

This is a broad statement without any supporting facts. It does not build bridges between people, it erects a wall.

So if this is an attempt to show that your belief in in a divisive and hateful God you've made your point.