Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stacey Newman: There will be more gun violence

(In her weekly report, Rep. Stacey Newman, D-St. Louis, urges people to make their voices heard in the battle against gun violence.)
So thankful this week is over.
I'm sure you feel the same.  Beginning with the horrific Boston Marathon bombings Monday to the terrifying 24 hour citywide lockdown in Boston Friday, it has been a very emotional week for us all.  Throw in the U.S. Senate votes Tuesday on the background check bill, the unimaginable Texas fertilizer plant explosion and bills we passed this week in the MO House... it's time for a breather.  I'm trying to understand it all as I'm sure you are.  We grieve together for the families and victims while determining what to do next.
 One thing we know...there will be more gun violence.  Fatalities in Missouri urban/suburban communities happen each week with hundreds more around the country.  There WILL be another tragic shooting that grips us and the nation's media with more innocent victims - regrettably, I can assure you that.
 I used a Newtown CT father's words this week on the House floor while debating several gun bills:  “It’s going to happen again. Every time, it’s somebody else’s school, it’s somebody else’s community, it’s somebody else’s town. Until one day, you wake up and it’s not.”
 I asked for respect and understanding from my colleagues Thursday morning after they applauded when I was cut off Wednesday night in debate:  
 "Gun violence means different things to those of us in different districts.  Near where I live innocent children are dying in their front yards from drive-by shootings and from finding guns in their homes. I know the doctors personally, who in our children's hospitals, are desperately round the clock trying to save their lives - and we are not helping."
 We must make this ugly violence stop.  And not stop trying until our children and communities can feel safe again.  PLEASE join me and make your voice heard.  Not just today but in every election from now on.  

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