Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Americans for Prosperity disappointed in Nixon veto of tax cut bill

(From Americans for Prosperity)

Americans for Prosperity – Missouri, the state’s leading advocate for fiscal responsibility and prosperity, is extremely disappointed in Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the first income tax reduction in 90 years.
This afternoon Governor Nixon vetoed HB253, which is a tax cut bill that would gradually reduce individual and corporate income tax rates. Governor Nixon has said Missouri cannot afford tax reductions without slashing education and cutting key spending initiatives.
Americans for Prosperity – Missouri State Director Patrick Werner said, “We are very dissatisfied with Governor Nixon’s decision to veto income tax reductions for Missouri families and businesses. The economy has hit Missouri hard and we need these tax reductions to spur our economy and attract more families and business to the Show Me State.”
Werner continued, “Many of our neighboring states have made bold reforms in the area of taxation, which have catapulted their states into being some of the most economically strong states in the union. Missouri needs bold leadership, not politics as usual from Governor Nixon.”
AFP-MO is encouraging its 50,000 members and all Missourians to call Governor Nixon’s office and express their disappointment with his decision to veto the first income tax reduction in 90 years. 

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