Saturday, October 21, 2017

Exploration Station, child pornography search, Billy Long among top Turner Report/Inside Joplin links for week

The filing of a lawsuit leveling charges of mistreating a child against the Exploration Station pre-school did not take long to jump to the top of this week's list of most visited Turner Report posts and it is still receiving an additional 1,000+ new visitors per hour long after other posts have normally started losing steam.

At this point, the Exploration Station is the fourth most visited post in the 14-year history of the Turner Report.

If you were looking for the news in these posts on the Joplin Globe, you would have been disappointed.

The top posts and links to them can be found below:

The Turner Report

1. Lawsuit claims: Exploration Station pre-school teachers resigned rather than lie to state about abuse of two-year-old

2. Trial date set for former Sonic supervisor charged with statutory sodomy, Alred remains free on bond

3. Joplin businessman implicated in child pornography, search warrant ordered for his business

4. FEMA rejects $70 million of Joplin R-8 claims

5. Was Billy Long in Las Vegas when mass murder occurred?

6. Trial of former Webb City teacher charged with having sex with student scheduled for Tuesday

7. Billy Long spokeswoman: You will have to ask someone else if he was in Las Vegas October 1

8. Joplin man on probation for failure to register as sex offender is back in prison

9. Greitens: Foster children will no longer have to pay for birth certificate copies

10. Graves: I was happy Trump signed order eliminating Obamacare subsidies for low income people.

The top posts and links from Inside Joplin and Inside Joplin Obituaries can be found below the advertisement.


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Inside Joplin

1. Joplin Police searching for missing teen

2. Joplin Police Department Arrests October 16-17

3. Carl Junction Police searching for teen runaway

4. Joplin Police SWAT team standoff with man holding woman and child at gunpoint ends with no injuries

5. Drug-addled intruder climbs through window into Joplin home screaming for help

6. Gunshot report leads to Joplin man's arrest for DWI, resisting arrest, 31 JPD warrants

7. Four JPD stops: People running, biking, driving a car, skateboarding arrested on meth charges

8. Jasper County Dissolution of Marriage Petitions

9. Call to McDonald's drive-through results in DWI, drug arrests. sleeping driver and passenger

10. Joplin Police Department Weekend Arrests

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Darlene White

2. Judy Stanley

3. Richard Collins

4. Debbie Crossley

5. Frances Schroeder

6. Twila Dunn

7. Ava Bronson

8. Dallas Robbins

9. Eddie Morlock

10. George Maddox

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