Monday, March 07, 2005

Nexstar Broadcasting, owner of KSNF and de facto owner of KODE, has lost more than $100,000 a month since its battle with Cox Communications and Cable One began at the end of the last calendar year.
CEO Perry Sook told Wall Street analysts Friday that the losses will be worth it once Nexstar is being paid retransmission rights for its stations by the cable companies, according to Radio and Television Business Report. As mentioned earlier in The Turner Report, Sook estimates his company will make an additional $20 million a year.
Asked if the networks had complained about their affiliates being taken off cable, Sook said the networks have supported Nexstar, though he offered no evidence to back up that claim.
Give the executives at La-Z-Boy's Neosho plant a little credit. After telling their employees they would not receive a cost-of-living pay increase this month, they apparently are making their best effort to make sure they are able to pad their employees' paychecks sometime in the near future.
Sunday's classified advertising section of The Joplin Globe included an ad for a "Continuous Improvement Manager" for La-Z-Boy. The ad read, "Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Launch and manage continuous improvement program, establish objectives and determine areas for improvement. Develop a prioritizing system for continuous improvement initiatives. Align plant initiatives with target costing and divisional initiatives. Facilitate CI teams in problem solving and idea development. Assure all plant site CI activities are sanctioned by divisional director. Provides assistance as needed to spread best practices to other plant sites across the division for the purpose of maintaining a uniform, standardized production system."
Now perhaps I am naive about the ways of big business, but wouldn't continuous improvement be a part of the job description for the executives they already have. If those guys are not trying to improve their business, then what are they receiving the big bucks for?"
If La-Z-Boy officials want to improve their business, perhaps the first thing they should consider is the removal of the person who wrote that ad.

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Anonymous said...

Since La-Z-Boy represents one of the Neosho area's largest employers, I have to wonder why you have made it your personal crusade to "reveal" their "secret" machinations to the you have a personal ax to grind?

For the record, I am not and have never been an employee of La-Z-Boy but despite its' faults, the plant provides bread and butter for any number of area residents.

Yes, they SHOULD have voted in a union.
Yes, they're not the greatest employer to work for (but neither are any of the following Tyson, Talbot Wire, or Sunbeam, each of which I HAVE worked for in the past)...

You're not Geraldo Rivera of the Ozarks, dude, so get a life.

Middle school teaching not enough for you, huh?