Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I had fully intended to have the original post here removed a few years ago and thought I had done so. I apologize for any hard feelings that might have been caused.

As for the comment, your memory is faulty. I coached high school girls teams ouf of Stella for a couple of years when my sister was playing, then worked for a year helping M. C. Throop with the high school girls team at Granby. After that, I coached that team for a year, then coached women's fast pitch softball teams for three years, with my sister playing on those teams. Though they were based in Granby and practiced there, the teams played in a league at Pierce City.

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Claude's Auto said...

This sounds like the Randy we knew back then...a legend in his own mind.He never coached the Robbins girls-or any girls that I'm aware of.He umpired softball games back then in Granby and Stella.Wasn't very good at that either!I never thought the Robbins girls were flaky but we all thought Randy was.