Sunday, February 27, 2005

I received an e-mail a few moments ago telling me that Neosho Daily News Managing Editor Buzz Ball has, indeed, visited House No. 6, the egg-laying operation of Boulder Valley Egg Co. in Roggen, Colo., so he did have first-hand knowledge of the operation and could give a first-hand description of what the area looks like. That is good to know, though I wish it could have been pointed out in the article.
Apparently, there were photos taken by Buzz Ball that ran with the article in the newspaper. I don't believe those photos were included with the internet Daily (though I could be wrong about that, too).
I would still like to see a closer look at Moark's operations across the U. S. Anytime a commercial farming operation locates in an area you have an ongoing news story...the constant weighing of the value of the jobs the facility creates and the money it pours into the community, as opposed to the possibility of damage to the environment, reduction in property values, and the possibility of odor.
What is it that makes Moark a villain to the people of Riverton, Kan., but nothing more than another corporate friend to the people of Neosho, at least according to the local coverage?

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