Monday, April 28, 2014

Sen. Moran on tornado: Kansans already reaching out to meet needs

(From Kansas Senator Pat Moran)

Last night a tornado — nearly three blocks in width — struck the community of Baxter Springs resulting in at least 34 injuries along with major damage to a minimum of 160 homes and 12 businesses. This tornado was part of a larger storm system that also ravaged parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma resulting in at least nine deaths. My thoughts and prayers go out to residents and business owners who suffered great loss and devastation. 

This morning I traveled to Cherokee County to join local, county and state officials for a tour of some of the hardest hit areas and to receive an update on relief efforts. As I witnessed the destruction of homes, businesses and infrastructure, it was clear that the damages are much more than a number. Much more importantly, they represent families, employees and business owners in need. And not surprisingly, less than 24 hours after the destruction, Kansans were already reaching out to meet those needs. 

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