Monday, November 10, 2003

Natural Disaster is back. I was beginning to wonder if my days as a rock/country singer were over. Many people say they were over before they even started, but I refuse to have a negative attitude about music.
Richard Taylor, the group leader, left a message on my answering machine. I was finally able to get hold of him about an hour ago.
A benefit is being held Saturday night at the Stark City Firehouse (hey, we can't all play arenas) for Gertrude Brown, whose house burned recently, destroying all of her belongings and killing her pets. Since we no longer have our female singers, Natural Disaster is now a foursome with Richard playing lead guitar and singing, John Scott on drums, Tim Brazelton on bass and me singing and playing whatever weird little percussion instruments I can come up with. Richard is supposed to contact me tomorrow (Tuesday) to let me know if Tim will be able to do it. He is also hoping to get Mark McClintock, a wonderful guitarist from Neosho, to sit in with us. Mark has been with us at three of our earlier concerts.
I hope we are able to do this. I have missed Natural Disaster these past few months.
All in all, it has been a pretty good day. We are only a few days away from launching the South Middle School website. The Top News and Sports pages are ready. We are still working on teacher pages and the home page. We hope to add a homework hotline page later, as well as links pages similar to the ones I have at and archives pages.
It won't go down as a battle for the ages or anything, but Turner's Turtles, my TA group, won the eighth grade Tug Of War battle this morning. This isn't always the best behaved bunch (to be charitable), but this group pulls together when there's any kind of competition going on.

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