Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GOP challenger emerges for Nodler

For quite a while during the beginning of the 2006 political season, rumors were circulating that a Republican challenger for Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, would emerge, and the challenger would come from Newton County.
The challenger being touted in the political equivalent of the Hot Stove League was Rep. Kevin Wilson, R-Neosho. The talk died down when Wilson filed for re-election.
Instead, the challenger come from Granby. At exactly 10:23.13 this morning, Roxie Fausnaught, the common-law wife of perennial candidate Martin Lindstedt, filed on the Republican ticket. Lindstedt, of course, will have to help her with her campaign from behind bars, while he awaits the outcome of felony statutory sodomy charges that were filed him against last year.
Ms. Fausnaught has been in the courts for the past two years, trying to regain custody of her grandchildren, who were taken away from her and placed in foster care following a protective custody hearing April 22, 2004, 13 days after the Division of Family Services took them from the home in connection with the felony charges against Lindstedt.


Globe Rat said...

This is your vote. This is your vote on meth.

Thank God Randy is here to provide equal time for every quack political novice suffering from oxygen depravation.

Anonymous said...

After prayer, a savior from Granby has emerged for the Anti-Toddler Society.

Fausnaught what your party can do for you..........., but what will Fausnaught do to your party?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how Nodler is going to like getting beat by a "piece of work" like Roxy?

Anonymous said...

She must of taken my rantings seriously!
Jack Sethson

Anonymous said...

i have no choice but to vote for her

Anonymous said...

This is perfect! Now we know the quality of the anti-Nodler folks! Keep on showing your true colors! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, oh....eh... hahahahahahahahah! What a bunch of fruitcakes!...hahahahahaha! hehehehe, hohohohohohohoho,