Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nexstar stock cracks $5 barrier

It wasn't that long ago that the stock of Nexstar Broadcasting was coming perilously close to dipping below the $4 mark. Another 11 cent increase in trading Wednesday lifted the stock back up to $5.02 per share. It's still a far cry from the $10 plus it was recording a couple of years back, but it still appears to be a positive sign for company stockholders.
Nexstar owns KSNF in Joplin and KSFX in Springfield and is de facto owner of KODE in Joplin and KOLR in Springfield.
Wednesday was also a successful trading day for Saga Communications, owner of KOAM and KFJX in Joplin. The stock was at $9.47 per share, up 43 cents from the previous day.


Anonymous said...

It's an election year. You will probably find a similar trend with all broadcast groups. There is a built-in revenue stream that helps boost sales figures in the even numbered years--especially presidential election years.

Anonymous said...

I told you guys a coupla weeks ago to buy this stock! I made $1000 in the last 10 days on these Nexstar guys while you were off wishing them ill will, I suppose, as usual.
Well managed stations in middle markets with sustained professional corporate support attempting to do business in an open and positive manner are going to be successful. Looks like KODE and KSNF are here for the future - the Nexstar is NOT going away (despite your undeniable and open bilious attitude towards them)and there is honest money to be made.
Right here in our own SMALL community. Or you can buy into O'Sullivan stock... I suggest you grow in your understanding of what a true broadcaster actually is (not a dude that spends too much time feeling important on the www) and give everyone a fair watch. It will never be 1975 again, which is about where your journalistic growth seems to have ended.
By the way, a podcast with your opinions recorded has turned-out to be two silly things crammed together.

Anonymous said...

It is seriously very sad that some people cannot make a comment concerning the current issue at hand without bandying about insults and basically being rude. I do so wish that only adults would post, because, surely an adult would not have reduced themselves to such behavior, whould they? I get tired of the childishness of some....