Saturday, March 25, 2006

A little bit of irony

The Joplin Globe website has added some television-type ads to accompany articles.
I hadn't noticed these before tonight, but I was amused to see that an ad for the Stables Casino accompanied capitol reporter Sadie Gurman's article on new features at the Missouri Ethics Commission's website.
The Stables Casino is not a big player in Missouri politics, as far as I know, but as regular readers of The Turner Report know, casino interests pour thousands and thousands of dollars into this state and their lobbyists are particularly active.
I just returned to the site to get the link and notice that the Stables Casino ad has been replaced by an advertisement for Freeman Health System. Need I say anything more?


Anonymous said...

For what its worth, concerning casinos. A co-worker says that a friend of theirs who is a contractor in NE OK, claims that repossessed homes in that area is up 300%, since the casinos landed.

Anonymous said...

A different ad loads everytime you hit the site. They didn't change anything.

Randy said...

I apologize for not making my point more clearly. Obviously, the ad changes automatically. My remark about the Freeman ad concerned the placement of the advertising by a health group which spends a considerable amount on lobbying by Ms. Gurman's story.

Anonymous said...

Now I see what you are getting at. Sorry I was so dense.