Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KOAM dominates May sweeps

KOAM News continued to dominate during the May sweeps, with its news programs drawing more viewers than KODE and KSNF combined, according to the latest Nielsen reports.

The ratings in terms of number of households tuning in are listed below:

6 a.m. to 7 p.m.- KOAM 16,000, KODE 5,000, KSNF 7,000
12 noon- KOAM 17,000 KSNF 2,000
5 p.m. KOAM 27,000, KODE 11,000, KSNF 5,000
6 p.m. KOAM 33,000, KODE 12,000, KSNF 13,000
9 p.m. KFJX 13,000
10 p.m. KOAM 36,000, KODE 12,000, KSNF 16,000

The biggest gain for KOAM was for the 10 p.m. broadcast, which saw its viewers increase from 29,000 during the February sweeps to 36,000.

KSNF lost more than half of the audience for its 5 p.m. newscast with Tiffany Alaniz and Gary Bandy, dropping from 11,000 viewers in February to 5,000 in May.


Anonymous said...

People are fed up with Tiffany! I mean come on....on thefourstateshoempage.com-as a top story,they had the sex of her baby has headline news???? GIVE IT UP Tiffany!! You're not Angelina Jolie!!! Noone cares!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this is about Tiffany. She is what she is and Gary is a web-degree meteorologist. The entire thing is a sham as proven by the 6pm and 10pm audience levels. Where they messed up is selling out to advertisers instead of viewers. How many more stories and Live events can we stand from advertisers that spend enough to get the honor. Wait.....back up.... viewers have already decided, and they don't watch that magazine fluff. What's that mean? Read a regional or local magazine and see a glowing review of a restaurant. Look a few pages later and you'll see a full page paid advertisement from that same restaurant. People quit being fooled by this nonsense years ago. Too bad Tiffiny and Gary forgot journalism and meteorology for the sake of pandering to the sales department. Their backbone must only be proped up by their paycheck. Lying for money is very in vogue right now, it's a political year. Congratulations Gary and Tiffiny for standing up, I mean cowering down to the dollar. You should put that on your resume. Willing to do what ever it takes to be on the air. Not prostitution, just like it.