Friday, April 27, 2012

Missouri NEA issues action alert over Dieckhaus bill

(From the Missouri National Education Association)
The House Rules Committee approved House Committee Substitute/House Bill (HCS/HB) 1526 (Scott Dieckhaus) on April 26, and the bill may be debated in the House early next week. HCS/HB 1526 imposes detailed mandates on teacher evaluation, such as requiring at least 50 percent of evaluations to be based on student test scores and prohibiting districts and employees from designing evaluation systems within collective bargaining negotiations. The bill also revises reduction-in-force requirements and repeals the state minimum salary law for experienced teachers with master's degrees. Missouri NEA opposes the bill. 
Action Needed: Call, write of email to urge your state representative to oppose HCS/HB 1526. The following link will connect you to the MNEA Legislative Action Center Action Alert on HCS/HB 1526.
Type in your zip code and the alert will automatically be directed to your state representative. The Action Alert contains a brief summary and a brief, editable message box to help you send an email to your state representative on the issue. Your message will have a greater impact it you personalize the message and add your own concerns regarding the bill.

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