Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kander: Schoeller bill will prevent soldiers from mailing in absentee ballots

(From Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, a candidate for secretary of state)

Democratic Secretary of State candidate Jason Kander will hold a news conference in Springfield at 1:30 on Friday, April 20 to announce his opposition to legislation that would prohibit all Missourians, including active military stationed abroad, from mailing in an absentee ballot. Kander, an army veteran who volunteered for deployment and served in Afghanistan, will hold the news conference at the Myrl Billings Memorial Veterans Center at 911 Boonville Ave. in Springfield. 

During the news conference, Kander will detail his opposition to HB 2109, which removes the ability for our men and women in the armed services from mailing in an absentee ballot, making it nearly impossible for those stationed in other states or abroad to participate in Missouri elections. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 270,000 Missourians mailed in absentee ballots in 2008, including 11,000 military personnel.

Kander will call on other Secretary of State candidates, including the bill sponsor Rep. Shane Schoeller, to drop their support for this legislation that disenfranchises the men and women who fight to protect our democracy. 

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Anonymous said...

Has Shane Schoeller lost his mind?