Friday, August 24, 2012

Jaco on lack of follow-up on Todd Akin rape comment: I f***ed up

Columbia Journalism Review has a great behind-the-scenes examination of Fox 2 in St. Louis' Charles Jaco's blockbuster interview of Congressman Todd Akin, in which Akin made his quote on "legitimate" rape.

After the quote, Jaco immediately transitioned to a question about the economy:

Jaco wishes he had followed up, perhaps with something like, ‘Uh, doctors told you that?’ But he didn’t. Nor did he request a definition of “legitimate.”
And he’s not beating himself up too badly about it. “I f***ed up,” Jaco says. “I wasn’t present in the moment.” Still, for the overall interview—all 18 minutes of it—he gives himself a B+ or, in Olympic terms, an 8.5. And he’s moving on.

Jaco says the reason for the abrupt switch was that he was down to just a few minutes and he wanted to address the economy.

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