Monday, August 27, 2012

Billy Long to Politico: Todd Akin's my guy

For those who have been waiting to find out how Seventh District Congressman Billy Long feels about Todd Akin, the wait is over.

Long told Politico he is firmly behind Akin's candidacy for U. S. Senate:

First-term Rep. Billy Long, who represents the conservative southwestern portion of the state, said Akin was the party’s candidate, whom he planned to support.
“The people of Missouri voted for him, and he’s our guy,” Long told POLITICO. “And either you’re for Todd Akin and I’m not for Claire McCaskill. … He’s been an underdog his whole life, he won a lot of races he wasn’t supposed to win, so I think he can win.”

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Anonymous said...

A Right-to-Life, 180 degree turnaround from his position only one week ago.

Oh the political winds.