Sunday, August 26, 2012

Romney: Democrats are using Todd Akin to discredit me

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Mikell Werder said...

Romney does fail to mention, however, that the Republican Party just updated their platform which says no abortions under any circumstances including rape, incest or danger to the health or life of the mother. Romney agrees, disagrees, agrees, etc. depending on who is asking the question and who he is trying to please at the moment but Ryan stands fast in his belief until this is brought up. Then he says they will go with what Mitt wants (whatever and whenever that is). When men can get pregnant, and only then, do they have the right to input opinions on this matter. It also amazes me that they will do anything to save a fertilized egg, but not the mother who already has a life and family. It sort of matches their conflicting views on pro-life beliefs and their fervor to carry out capital punishment at the drop of a hat(as Perry says "It doesn't matter if they are guilty or not, they were convicted". Hypocrites, all!