Saturday, December 27, 2008

"News to Go" gone; Joplin Globe editor outlines changes

Longtime readers of The Turner Report know that from time to time I criticize the waste of space the Joplin Globe calls "News to Go."

For some inexplicable reason, for the last several years the Globe has dedicated its back page to telling readers what it is in the rest of the paper, including page one.

As far as I can tell, my first criticism of this so-called innovation was in a July 13, 2005 post:

Hopefully, they can get someone to talk the powers-that-be at The Globe about getting rid of that news to go on the back page. What kind of idiot turns to the back of section A to find out what is on page one?

It appears "News to Go" is on its way out. In her column for the Sunday Globe, Editor Carol Stark details ways in which the Globe will change in 2009:

Beginning Jan. 1, our paper readers can return to a time some five or six years ago, when once they finished reading a Page 1 story, they could quickly flip to the back page and read the jump. Over the past two years, that’s been a complaint I’ve heard repeatedly. Couple those complaints with the fact that the cost of newsprint is rising by the month, and it seems clear that we can use our back-page space better and make reading the Globe easier.

Mrs. Stark also announced a new configuration of bloggers for the newspaper's website. Joe Hadsall's columns on money in politics apparently will be relegated to the internet, and blogs are also planned for Mrs. Stark, Scott Meeker, Wally Kennedy, and just what we needed, a Dave Woods blog on Branson. That would be a welcome addition if the newspaper was the Branson Globe or even if Branson were in its coverage area, but apparently there are advertisers in Branson who might fork over a few dollars if the Globe offers some coverage.

I will be watching these new developments with interest.


Anonymous said...

Wally Kennedy will be blogging? Great. Another way for the Four States' biggest blowhard to be heard.

Really, does anyone care?

Anonymous said...

Joplin's Favorite Jew: Living proof that they can staple a person's intestines shut, but there's no cure for a crappy attitude. But, to answer your question, no, probably not.

Anonymous said...

"We’ve also lined up a reporter to provide coverage of the Legislature this session."

Borrowing from The Chart again?

*Later in January, we’ll release more details about a new project aimed at beefing up our business coverage."

Becase RBR and BusinessWatch were such big successes.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I'm stung. Please.

As far as crappy attitudes go, they continue to run rampant at 117 E. 4th. Just not worth reading anymore, but it certainly hasn't been for years.

Anonymous said...

"News to Go"

I thought this would be a post about the Globe cutting more reporters and editors.

Anonymous said...

Careful JFJ, your bitterness is threatening to overwhelm your sunny disposition. Continue along the path of a C-list sports writer and blame all signs of professional mediocrity on Edgar Simspon. Really, it's all his fault you're not happy.

Anonymous said...

Please keep the attacks coming. I was never happier than the day I walked out of that newsroom for the final time.

Outside of a couple of individuals - stunningly, also run out of 117 E. 4th - this may have been the worst newsroom around. Some things have never changed.

And, I might add, my career has progressed just fine, Wally. Or is it Debby? Andy?

Oh, it's just anonymous!