Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dunn: "I didn't think media reported suicides"

Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn is either rather naive about what is considered news or he just doesn't pay attention to what he is saying.

In a Joplin Globe article about an apparent suicide in the county jail, Dunn commented on the newsworthiness of the story:

The Globe later reached Sheriff Archie Dunn after office hours regarding the matter. Dunn told the Globe that no information was released because he did not think the media reported suicides. He told the Globe that any information, including the name of the inmate, would have to come from one of two sheriff’s captains today.

Let me see if I understand this- an inmate commits suicide in the taxpayer-financed Jasper County Jail and the sheriff does not think it's a story. And then, despite the fact that it is a relative who contacted the media about the suicide, Dunn refuses to divulge the inmate's identity.

It appears it probably would simply have gone unnnoticed if Archie Dunn had his way.


Anonymous said...

There is much more to this story. I wish that the Globe would really investigate. I truly believe that we have an evil man in the office of Sheriff. An evil ineffective man that seems more concerned with hats and badges then solving murders and the safety of inmates.

Tom Hanna said...

Look at Dunn's record:

Accepts the office by appointment, pledging not to run in the next election and does so anyway.

Has the Presiding Commissioner who has opposed his tax increase requests arrested a week before an election. (In third world countries, that's called a coup d'etat.)

Seriously, is it possible to still be surprised by this guy's corruption?

Anonymous said...

Great post Randy. He apparently feels the same way about the person or persons who killed that couple in Carthage. What a sad story. A killer is literally walking the streets because of this guy's incompetence.

When is the next election to vote this guy out of office?

Anonymous said...

Sorry dudes,
Four weeks ago, you voted him in for FOUR MORE YEARS!!!