Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sinquefield committees totally shut down; $44,000 direct expenditure made for Hubbard

The last of the 100 shell committees created by billionaire Rex Sinquefield in 2007 to circumvent Missouri campaign contribution limits have been shut down, according to Missouri Ethics Commission documents. The need for such committees disappeared when the legislature scrapped contribution limits in 2008.

Records indicate the last few committees were closed Nov 30. Ninety-three of the 100 had been closed earlier in the month, with most of the money funnelled to one of the committees, Public Charter Schools for Missouri East.

That committee's termination report indicates it made a $44,000 direct expenditure on behalf of the Hubbard for Senate campaign on Nov. 4. Rodney Hubbard, a St. Louis Democrat who is in his final year in the House of Representatives, was defeated in the August Democratic primary for Senate. Ethics Commission documents only indicate the August 2008 candidacy.

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