Sunday, June 28, 2009

GateHouse Media starts new daily in Massachusetts

GateHouse Media, owner of The Carthage Press and Neosho Daily News, is better known for shutting down newspapers and for eliminating Monday editions of its dailies (watch out Carthage Press), but it is headed in another direction in Massachusetts, where it is launching a new daily to compete with an existing one:

"The focus of Cape Cod Day is to produce fun, informative stories and resources for readers such as local news, things to do with the family, arts and entertainment features, and stories that highlight the people, businesses and natural beauty of the Cape environment."

"This is a paper produced by Cape Codders who call Cape Cod home and want to offer visitors and tourists a glimpse of the Cape through our perspective," said Mark Skala, publisher of GateHouse Media's Cape Cod region. "This new free daily will also be an affordable alternative to advertisers, and to readers who don't want to spend $1 a day for a newspaper."

The paper will be distributed free across Cape Cod at hundreds of locations with an average daily distribution of 25,000 during the summer until Labor Day.

Hopefully, GateHouse officials put more thought into this venture than they did when they started the Joplin Daily as a competitor to the Joplin Globe.

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Anonymous said...

They won't.

They've bastardized every publication they have in Massachusetts and there's a revolt brewing amongst employees.

They've cut countless publications in Massachusetts in the past three years and the cutting just keeps coming.

8% paycuts went through in Massachusetts weeks ago. When pushed on how they were still handing out bonuses to the top tier of management, their response was well it's much less than other companies. And that the bonuses were reflective of last years successes. What a joke.

This is a trash tab to push them onto the cape where they have 0 presence. No real content, much like their terrible women's magazine Skirt.

Gatehouse might be the worst thing to happen to journalism since the invention of the internet.