Monday, June 29, 2009

Granby white supremacist tries to have lawsuit against President Obama reinstated

Avowed white supremacist Martin Lindstedt, Granby, filed documents in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri today attempting to have his lawsuit against President Barack Obama reinstated.

The documents are being shielded from public view, as are all other filings in the case, but the docket, which is open to the public says Lindstedt filed a motion to "alter, abolish, or amend" Judge Howard F. Sachs' June 17 decision to dismiss the lawsuit. Defendants, in addition to the president, included Sen. John McCain, and various state and Newton County elected officials.

Though the documents are unavailable through the court website, Lindstedt posted his original petition on another website, where he stated his main reason for going to court:

"The main reason that Plaintiffs are filing this lawsuit is simply that it goes against Plaintiffs' religious beliefs to allow any non-white, especially a n-----, to be in any position of authority over any White man, no matter how degraded."

It appears more of our taxpayers' money is going to be used to deal with this frivolous action.


majii said...

I came upon your web site through a link at the Washington Monthly. The fact that right-wingers are still filing these birther lawsuits shows the depth of their hatred of non-whites, and to be concise, of some white people who do not view the world the way they do. As an African American of 50+ years, I have seen these types of attitudes over and over. I recently retired after teaching for 33 years in GA, a very red state, and witnessed this attitude in many parents of children I taught over the years. They knew I was qualified and competent, but some of them could never understand why their own children would talk about what a great teacher I was and a good role model for them. All they could see when they met me was my race. Never mind that when their children were in my U.S. History class, the majority of them would pass the state-mandated test in U.S. History required to graduate. The birthers view President Obama in a similar manner. Competency in the WH is not as important as the race of the person occupying it. Although he was not as competent for the job of POTUS as he should/could have been, President Bush was okay with the birthers because he was white.

Anonymous said...

Majii - I don't believe this is a right/left or red/blue issue. It's an issue of an ignorant racist idiot that is so far off any of the idiological platforms of the major and non-major political parties. Lindstedt is a wacko...that's it, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Other anonymous guy: Yeah Lindstedt is a bit out there but as majii knows probably better than anyone here, racism is still alive and well in the U.S.A.!

Anonymous said...

To Majii....... This guy is not a conservative republican but rather rather just another example of white trash ignorance from Missouri. Also, Democrats have to quit going back and comparing everything to Bush. They are notorious for doing this when they don't have answers as to why Obama is performing so poorly so far. I'll offer this quote, probably the most entertaining from the 2008 campaign: "If you wanted to run against President Bush Senator Obama, you should have run for President in 2004". Move forward people and quite making excuses. You wanted your chance, do something; ANYTHING.