Sunday, August 19, 2012

CNN's Dana Loesch: Akin rape remarks no big deal

CNN commentator Dana Loesch (yes, the same one who claimed earlier this month that Joplin voters were going to be disenfranchised and criticized President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for not preserving their rights) doesn't see anything particularly disturbing about Congressman Todd Akin's statements on "legitimate" rape victims and abortion.

Included in what she apparently thinks are clever tweets are the following:

And this quote: "Seems to me like Akin was trying to fit medical explanation into a soundbite. Not the best statement, but some are stretching it majorly."

That, Ms. Loesch, was not a soundbite, but an answer to a question asked by Charles Jaco. And it was no ambush interview. Jaco gave Akin an opportunity to express his viewpoints, and unfortunately for Akin, that is just what he did.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, seems they have made a bigger deal out of the comment than it needs to be. I'm sure he meant "real rape" or "actual rape". Does anyone think he thinks rape is "legitimate"? Come on. Now, his thoughts on a woman's reproductive process was ignorant, not evil.