Saturday, November 26, 2022

House Minority Leader: New attorney general must end Schmitt's crackpot lawsuits

By Crystal Quade, D-Springfield
House Minority Leader

For four years, Eric Schmitt used the attorney general's office as a taxpayer-funded arm of his political campaigns, wasting public money on crackpot lawsuits that advanced his political career while tarnishing the reputation of our state.

Upon taking over in January, Attorney General-designee Andrew Bailey must immediately move to dismiss every one of Schmitt's frivolous lawsuits that hasn't already been laughed out of court. 

This is an essential step to restoring the integrity of the office and demonstrating that, for the first time in years, Missouri has an attorney general who will put the legal interests of all Missourians ahead of the political ambitions of one.

We are hopeful Mr. Bailey can succeed in the immense task that awaits him.

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