Sunday, October 09, 2005

Selby appears to be a little drunk with power

I just finished reading the Neosho Daily News story on the most recent hearing for accused child molester Martin Lindstedt and my first reaction was shock.
No, I am no longer shocked by anything Martin Lindstedt does. Lindstedt is a racist who files lawsuits whenever the wind changes. Authorities have charged him with felony statutory sodomy. He has run unsuccessfully for every office from East Newton R-6 Board of Education to governor to U. S. Senator.
His rantings are disgusting, especially when you consider that the only reason he is able to rip into society like he does is because he lives in a society that allows him to do so. Nothing he does shocks me.
That being said, the comforting thing about Martin Lindstedt, and yes, there is one, is that we know he will never come to power.
Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Newton County Circuit Court Judge Kevin Selby.
Read this excerpt from John Ford's story in the Daily News:

"On Thursday, Newton County Division III Associate Circuit Court Judge Kevin Selby ordered both prosecutors and potential defense attorneys to keep mum on the results, as well as all witnesses in the courtroom. In addition to court personnel and a representative of the news media, Lindstedt’s live-in “paramour,” Roxie Fausnaught, was present in the courtroom."

The results Selby refers to are in connection with the mental evaluation that was ordered for Lindstedt. If those results show that Lindstedt is not capable of helping to prepare his defense, and that is what recent postings on Neosho Forums have indicated, then that would definitely bring under question Selby's use of his judicial power a few months back when he levied 22 30-day contempt sentences against Lindstedt for disrupting his courtroom during an unsuccessful attempt to hold a hearing. Consider the following paragraph from the Daily's article:

"Not present, however, was Lindstedt himself. Within seconds of entering the courtroom Thursday afternoon, Lindstedt questioned the court’s authority, legality, and alleged the court of having 'secret proceedings.' He was then escorted from the courtroom by members of the Newton County Sheriff’s Department."

For once, Lindstedt was absolutely correct. The judge was conducting secret proceedings.
This brings into question Judge Selby's understanding of the United States Constitution. Consider what the man did: He held an open hearing and ordered everyone to remain silent about what happened during that hearing. There is a reason why we conduct judicial hearings in the open in the United States. It is to keep society informed...and to protect us from judges like Kevin Selby.


Unknown said...

I agree with you Randy. I had this judge before, very rude, disrespectful individual.

Anonymous said...

My brother had this judge when a false restraining order was filed against him. Did not give him his right to due process. He was not even allowed to speak to defend himself. It seems that judge Selby is keen on violating citizens constitutional rights.

Unknown said...

I also have felt with the power drunk jerk, he seems to have an issue listening to the actual problems and deciding his answers before court even starts