Friday, October 24, 2008

Chiodo Protocol: You take care of it; I won't be in today

It takes real guts for a publisher to cut 20 percent of his staff, then make himself available to face the people whose jobs he erased. It takes just as much guts for that publisher to lay out his decision to his readers.

Yes, that takes guts, but that is not the way Joplin Globe Publisher Dan Chiodo handled the Thursday massacre, a source close to the Globe told The Turner Report.

Chiodo not only did not make himself available to the people whose livelihoods he eliminated, on the next day others had to explain to remaining staff members why many of their colleagues were no longer working for the Joplin Globe.

Under Chiodo's direction, however, long-time employees were told by their department managers at approximately the same time their jobs no longer existed. Then they were given a few short moments to remove their belongings, then were escorted from the building.

Apparently, Chiodo does have a little bit of a heart, however. Sources indicate Chiodo planned to make even deeper cuts to the newsroom, but changed his mind following an impassioned plea for her staff from Editor Carol Stark.

For those of you not familiar with Dan Chiodo, he is the same man who once proclaimed the weekly Joplin Herald as a necessity because there is not enough room in the Joplin Globe to put Joplin news.

If he has his way, there won't be enough reporters to gather that news. Thankfully, that should not keep the Globe from creating more niche magazines to further dilute the news product.


Anonymous said...

A spine, it's a terrible thing to waste. I remember when I worked for Chiodo, I always thought to myself, does his wife notice he's as obviously gay as the rest of us do?

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Mike Pound got the axe....he is a terrible writer!

Anonymous said...

Is the blowhard Wally Kennedy out?

Ron said...

Anyone know who was shown the door?

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, just an FYI … your info is/was incorrect. Dan Chiodo was in the building all day on Thursday and he was also in on Friday. While he may not have spoken with all of the employees who were let loose, he did spend time in each department on Thursday afternoon and answered employee questions without hesitation. He was in on Friday and was available to answer questions …he answered mine, and I suspect I was not the only one. I notice that the content this post has been altered from earlier when it said that Chiodo didn’t come in at all. What’s up? Is your gloating getting in the way of your ethical responsibility to correct your posts and let readers know you and your sources close to the Globe know the info was in error? BTW ... are your comments appropriate?