Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Globe's top business story: Pac-Man Mania hits Rangeline

If you check out the Joplin Globe business section on its website, you will discover the top business story is a new place on Rangeline that offers vintage video games such as Pac-Man.

You would think that a century-old business firing at least 15 full and part-time workers and perhaps as many as 25, would be the top business story in the Joplin area.

Five days have passed and the Joplin Globe still hasn't had the decency to inform its readers of legitimate news. Of course, it's legitimate news that casts the Joplin Globe in a bad light.

Unfortunately for Globe readers, the newspaper's management has Wally Kennedy watching Rangeline and no one is watching the Globe.

(It should be noted that except for those written by Kennedy, most of the articles on the Globe's business page were written by veteran reporter Mike Surbrugg, one of those who was unceremoniously handed his walking papers then escorted off the premises by a guard after decades of loyal service.)

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