Friday, March 19, 2010

Hartzler: Skelton crumbled like a cookie

Fourth District Congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler continued her attack on incumbent Ike Skelton today, continuing to say Skelton is following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's marching orders:

Republican congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler today exposed Rep. Ike Skelton’s double-dealing vote Thursday to open the door for Nancy Pelosi’s plan to impose government run health care through procedural trickery, against the strong and clear wishes of a majority of Missourians.

Hartzler also endorsed the growing push to reclaim for Missourians the constitutional authority to make health care decisions for the Show-Me State without federal controls, job-killing taxes and federal mandates.

A former state legislator, Hartzler said she will back repeal if elected to Congress, should the liberal Pelosi House approve this weekend the widely-opposed plan rammed through the Senate last Christmas Eve on a party-line vote. As to Skelton, a long-time Democrat House member who is voting more than 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and the President, Hartzler said:
“Ike Skelton voted Thursday to be Nancy Pelosi’s willing accomplice in forcing ObamaCare on every one us. He voted with Pelosi’s deceitful plan, which faces immediate challenge as against the Constitution. In a key test vote, Skelton joined hands with Pelosi again, to turn aside a conservative motion to block their slippery plan for a final vote that would claim to pass the Senate ObamaCare bill without voting on it, and then cram it down our throats. This procedural move already faces legal challenge as unlawful under the Constituton’s standards for passing news laws.

“Our liberal-voting congressman promised us he would stand against Obama’s government-controlled health care, with its massive cuts in Medicare, job-killing tax increases, phoney bookkeeping, and special-deal scandals that keep spilling out of this terrible legislation. He just broke this promise. Instead, Ike Skelton crumbled like a cookie the first time Pelosi wanted his vote to help her jam through ObamaCare. His promise was a flat lie. He voted to save the Speaker’s sleazy plan for the final vote. After voting to protect the Pelosi design for passage, Skelton raced to issue a deceptive statement of opposition -- to the bill he is helping Pelosi jam through to final passage.”

Pelosi’s plan is widely-reported as an effort to pass the unpopular ObamaCare bill without voting on the bill, through an obscure procedure to claim “automatic approval” for the scandal-plagued Senate version. The Senate bill – full of one-state kickbacks and special deals – then could be signed.

The Missouri Sovereignty Project is canvassing support for all needed action by the state to establish Missouri’s authority to make its own health care policies, by enforcing the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which reserves to states and people powers that are not specifically delegated to the federal government. For further information on this effort:

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Anonymous said...

And another Democrat fails to vote the will of the people because he's more afraid of the wrath of Pelosi/Obama than of future actions of his constituents. He may regret this vote come November.