Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nodler: This cannot stand

Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, a candidate for Seventh District Congress issued the following statement concerning Congress' passage tonight of the health care bill:

Tonight the Democrat Congress made clear its contempt for the people of the United States.

Despite overwhelming opposition from citizens at town hall meetings and tea parties; despite overwhelming opposition in public opinion polls; despite clear signals from voters in actual elections in Virginia, New Jersey; Connecticut and Massachusetts; despite all this, the Democrats voted to impose their will over the objections of the people.

We cannot let this action stand! If I am elected to Congress I will make every effort to repeal this law.

I need your help, please join my campaign. Together we can work, not only to correct this, but to restore America's promise and rebuild hope and opportunity for the future.

We must not give up. The future is in our hands and we must take the initiative. If we join together with patriots all over the country we can and will restore America's promise.


Anonymous said...

This bill will be of great benefit to me and my family. I can only hope that it does stand.

Anonymous said...

Let's let this bill work as it is intended until November and if it isn't working, I will drive you to the polls and vote per your wishes.
Until then, sit back, relax and get your resume in order, you are going to need it.