Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ruestman explains anti-abortion law

I have to admit that even though I have always been pro-life, I was not aware that there are evildoers lurking in the night coercing young women into having abortions against their will. Thanks to Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, and those who voted for HB 1327, this epidemic should be quelled and the coercers put behind bars:

In the past two weeks, some troubling events have unfolded in Washington. The current majority, through its unwanted takeover of healthcare, overturned a 30-year law preventing federal funds from being spent on elective abortions. They’ve tried to patch this up with an executive order that does not carry the full force of law. I believe they should and will be held accountable in the November elections.

In the mean time, here in Missouri we are fighting to pass even stricter pro-life legislation to protect expecting women and the unborn. Last Monday we perfected House Bill 1327 which creates the crime of coercing a pregnant mother to abort. Many times, women are being forced or pressured to seek an abortion by their husband, boyfriend or parents. If someone is found guilty of this horrible act, he or she will face a class A felony with a maximum prison term of ten years. Anyone who knowingly performs an abortion on a coerced woman is guilty of a class C felony.

Additionally, mothers must be able to make informed decisions when seeking an abortion. Under this bill, the physician must provide the following information both orally and in writing:
· The physician’s name;
· The gestational age of the unborn child;
· The anatomical and physiological characteristics of the unborn child;
· Medically accurate information regarding the procedure, the risks involved, alternatives to abortion and follow-up care; and
· The state law regarding coercion.

One of the keys to reducing abortions is accurate and timely information. House Bill 1327 will make a difference. This legislation is vital to saving lives of the unborn and improving the lives of expectant mothers. This legislation could not get passed without the continuing support of voters who have sent a Republican majority to Jefferson City. As the recent politics in Washington, D.C., have shown us, we must be ever vigilant to protect the lives of our unborn and the health of mothers-to-be.


Anonymous said...

there are many things about which you are unaware, Randy

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to explain to me what "coercion" means here.

You want to create a law, you better damn well explain what the conditions of breaking it turn out to look like.

Anonymous said...

Is she part of the anti-government group that wants the Gov. leave office in three days?

Anonymous said...

ruestman is a kite in the wind. nothing against kites.