Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Daily Kos readers rip into my post

I knew it was coming when I wrote about the Westboro Baptist Church in my latest Daily Kos post, and the readers there did not disappoint me. My belief that the hate-filled group has every right to express its beliefs, but not at the funerals of soldiers who have given their lives for our country did not go over well with Kos readers. The post was a rewritten version of an earlier Newton County News column, which became timely once again when the U. S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case involving the church.


Anonymous said...

One day, when we ALL will be held accountable for our lives, including the decisions we have made and actions that we have taken, the hatred these "church" people have will not be met with "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Phred Felps said...

Turner, along with the other wretched scribblers infesting this coast-to-coast nuthouse, labors under the delusion that his amoral arbitrary silliness should be made law.

A loser unable to find a job in an economy ravaged by private interests protected by public thieves could find no other employment other than to be shipped over to foreign lands to murder innocent men, women and children on behalf of a Zionist criminal regime and a no-longer so mighty Evil Empire. This loser was duly dispatched by a bomb or bullet placed by free men wanting imperial forces removed from their nation. This cannon-fodder thug is no more to be mourned by what few free men remain in this country than we should mourn Russian or Chinese or North Vietnamese soldiers enforcing their regime's will on others.

Yet here comes this corpse shipped back home and there is a demand that this armed criminal's deserved demise be treated as 'heroic' and that this deserved death have a 'higher patriotic meaning.' And thus the demand that a regime criminal be made into a demi-god by these enablers and profiteers.

Saying at a funeral that someone who died serving an imperial criminal regime in a foreign war deserved exactly what he got from the natives, is political and religious speech, which everyone living in a free society has an obligation to themselves to allow. Allowing every little despotic idiot and meddler like Turner and Anonymous 6:36 to carve out exceptions to free speech means exactly what we have today: The pretense to living in a free society but the reality in which we really live under the despotism of the whim of every little bureaucrat, police officer, public 'servant,' journalist and sundry meddlesome snoop wanting to impose their notions of appropriate behavior upon others.

Where it will all end is in a racial, religious and political civil war in which violence, not yammering, decides who rules and who gets what. Then any meddling snoop trying to enforce his will upon others by trying to control the speech of others will either learn to mind his own business or face a nose-slitting or public castration. And thus we will live in a truly free society in which people are polite because there are consequences.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Martin!