Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodman: Healthcare bill filled with "bribes, kickbacks, giveaways and other forms of graft"

Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, a candidate for Seventh District Congress, issued the following statement today concerning the federal healthcare bill:

“Whether it is the American worker or Members of Congress, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat leadership seem intent on stripping anyone of their constitutional right to vote in this country that gets in the way of their radical ideology. First, it was the so-called “card check” legislation that would take away the right to a private ballot for the American worker and now we learn Democrats are poised to pass the Senate Health Care Bill by using procedural gimmickry to prevent Members of Congress from representing their districts and voting against this bill. The strength of America is the people, and today’s liberal Congressional leadership is attempting to silence the voices of the people, becoming a ruling elite class imposing its ideology on the people.

“If what Speaker Pelosi said is true, that no one wants to vote on the bill, she should be a true leader and take this bill back to the drawing board instead of taking these anti-democratic measures to pass a bill laden with bribes, kickbacks, giveaways and other forms of graft. The American people are tired of this unbelievable arrogance of power and want work on real solutions that will reduce the cost of healthcare, get government out of our healthcare decisions and put patients back in charge of their healthcare choices. I am outraged that someone in the Speaker’s trusted position would even dare to try these types of tactics.”

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