Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missouri GOP: Democrats will pay for abusing their power

Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party, released the following statement regarding passage of the Democrats’ health care bill:

“After months of secret backroom deals and arm-twisting, Nancy Pelosi has pressured enough Democrats into forcing massive, costly, and ineffective government-run health care onto an unwilling nation. The Democrats’ bill does nothing to control costs; in fact, it was raise taxes, raise premiums, slash Medicare, and force a one-size-fits-all health care mandate on more than 300 million people.
“Americans have consistently made their opposition to the bill known—at townhall meetings, massive rallies, and at the ballot box in states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia—but Democrats have ignored their wishes. Russ Carnahan, Lacy Clay, and Emanuel Cleaver have ignored the pleas of Missourians, instead siding with Nancy Pelosi to make her reckless bill the law of the land.
“Make no mistake: in November, Democrats across the nation and in Missouri will pay for abusing their power and thumbing their noses at the American people.”

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Anonymous said...

How can the GOP think they can convince people that the following are bad for them and need to be repealed.

1. Health Insurers cannot deny children health insurance because of pre-existing conditions

2. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees will get tax credits covering up to 50% of employee premiums

3. Seniors will get a rebate to fill the so-called "donut hole" in Medicare drug coverage, which severely limits prescription medication coverage expenditures over $2,700. As of next year, 50 percent of the donut hole will be filled.

4. The cut-off age for young adults to continue to be covered by their parents' health insurance rises to the age 27.

5. Lifetime caps on the amount of insurance an individual can have will be banned.

6. A temporary high-risk pool will be set up to cover adults with pre-existing conditions.

7. Insurers must now reveal how much money is spent on overhead and bonuses.

Come on GOP run against things that help Americans. I double dog dare you.