Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Missouri GOP: Americans stood up for freedom

David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party released the following statement regarding the outcome of the 2010 elections:

“Across the nation and throughout Missouri, millions of Americans stood up for freedom and against Barack Obama’s big government policies. In race after race and state after state, overwhelming Republican victories serve as both a repudiation of the Democrats failed agenda and a call to return to responsible, common-sense solutions that will create jobs, jumpstart the economy, and rein in a national debt that is threatening our future.

“The Missouri GOP would like to congratulate our Republican candidates at all levels of government for their hard-fought campaigns and thank them for their desire to serve their fellow Missourians—especially Senator-elect Roy Blunt, Congresswoman-elect Vicky Hartzler, Auditor-elect Tom Schweich, Congressman-elect Billy Long, and the new and returning GOP members of the Missouri General Assembly.

“Their historic victories will be remembered for generations to come.

“Most importantly, we would like to humbly thank the Missourians who put their trust in the Republican Party and our candidates. Elected Republicans will strive every day to uphold the highest ideals of our nation and our constitution, to govern responsibly, and to be responsive to the people who have entrusted us to lead our state and nation during these perilous times.”


Anonymous said...

I always wondered in great amusement what would our country be if we gave Americans EXACTLY what they vote for.

Imagine, under protest, the President signing a bill eliminating the unemployment check. The veteran's check and medical benefits. All causalities of the "cut spending" rhetoric. Of course the Prez should hold a brew-ha-ha BIG conference and be under duress and totally against the idea personally but alas, "the people have spoken and I have heard you....bla bla bla."

Social security? Cut it.
Medicare. Cut it. In fact let's give them old geezers the same deal they're offering the rest of the country with regards to healthcare which would be...fend for yourself suckers.

Democrats keep scraping and fighting so the American people never truly realize there are consequences for voting to cut off your own foot because of some snappy campaign slogan and radio jack offs telling them what to think.

The President should make sure he gives them everything they want. Even if it stops the checks.

Hey, they voted for it. Right?

Anonymous said...

Well 11:04, isn't President Obama; his cabinet; his closest advisors; and, the direction he has given the Speaker Pelosi Congress and Senator Reid led Senate EXACTLY what this country voted for two years ago?

NOW it appears that the past 2-year experiment in stupidity is not EXACTLY what Americans want. At least the majority of voters who cast ballots in the Tuesday election.

Hey, I voted for less government. The President will not give it to me. I expect him to bitch, moan, travel, and play golf and tell his loving media he can't get things done because of the Republicans, and, find some way to continue to blame President Bush.

If you were in charge, what would you do and how would you pay for it?

You and your attitude are the experiment in stupidy the voters have rejected.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @11:04 AM: That's a straw man argument. I could just as easily predict that your side will propose to put the productive members of society into work camps for more "efficiency".

Let's see what your opponents propose to cut (say, payments to states to keep public sector unionized employees living in the style to which they've become accustomed) and then criticize that, or not.

And cut they must, we can't keep running 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficits forever. Sooner or later the nation's credit card will get maxed out and then what do you propose we do?

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone saw Tom Brokaw yesterday on the "Today" show. Tom said the Repukes can not deliver on their promises, there will not be a huge amount of new jobs, unemployment will continue to be high, houses won't sell, and times will be hard for everyone.

That is good, I hope he is right, maybe after two years of having these yoyos in charge of the House the voters will realize what a bunch of jerks they are.

We had eight years of their BS during Ole Georgeie boys reign, I guess voters have a short memory.

Remember the war in Iraq, a war for nothing? It was suppose to have been paid for by Iraq oil money as soon as they conflict was over and the country stabalized.

Isn't there where our huge budget deficet began? Seems to me like this was inflected upon us by the Repukes.

Anonymous said...

We won!! We won!!