Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blunt to KZRG: Earmarks will protect us from Obama

In an interview with KZRG, a defensive and irritated sounding Senator-Elect Roy Blunt explains how earmarks are his way of protecting us from Barack Obama:


Anonymous said...

Well now that didn't take very long, did it?

Blunt supporters?

Anonymous said...

Are we surprised? Not in the least.

He's still vastly preferable to extending the Carnahan dynasty and allowing more power to the Senate Democrats, and if Blunt doesn't get with the program we'll replace him in 2016.

Or see this interesting essay, which posits that over the next couple of decades the Democratic party will die and the new party of the Left will be the Republicans, with an entirely new party of the right actually representing us serious Red Staters.

Anonymous said...

We're all about getting rid of the "Washington Insiders" until they are our "own".

Anonymous said...

"Carnahan dynasty"? Hmm, but the Blunt dynasty is fine - even the Blunt/DeLay connection is quickly forgotten, or overlooked, or forgiven as just a "mistake". OK.