Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blunt: More about President Obama and his "investments"

Add Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. to those hitting the "investments" talking points. Following is Blunt's response to the State of the Union message:

“The President said a lot of the right things tonight. But Americans expect action in addition to words.

“Just like one year ago, the President said private sector jobs should be the number one goal for the next year, and then I didn’t hear much about private sector jobs after that. Clearly, we’ve proven that the government can create more government jobs, but we don’t need more government jobs – we need more private sector jobs.

“We also heard a lot about the new buzz word for spending, which is ‘investments.’ In the stimulus message two years ago, the President mentioned investments 14 times. I don’t think those ‘investments’ really did for the economy what it did for people’s debt.

“This speech should have been about jobs and too much government spending. Instead it was about ‘investment,’ which is just another word for more government spending.”


Anonymous said...

Let's just clear something up for old Roy. Dear Roy,

You Republicans sat around spending money and deregulating everything and absolutely broke the country under DeLay and Bush.

Your stock market alone dropped 50%...from 14000+ to 7000+ in about 6 months. THAT was the tip of the iceberg.

Once gas got to almost $4 a gallon ($5 in some places), housing collapsed and the rest is history.

So Roy....you are the last person to gripe because Obama cannot pick up, clean up, and buy out of the mess you Republicans made.

We have NOT forgotten any of your antics.

You most of all should be next to DeLay in jail.

Not Buyin' It

Anonymous said...

Ole Roy would be okay with those investments if they spent money with all his lobbyist friends and wife. He helped get us in this mess and now criticizes someone trying to get us out of it.