Saturday, January 29, 2011

McCaskill: Congress does not need an annual pay raise

Progress was made this week toward changing a system that gives Congress an automatic pay raise, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., says in her latest report:

This week we made progress in two crucial areas of my ongoing campaign to clean up Congress: ending automatic congressional pay raises and stopping secret holds.

There’s just no reason Congress should be getting a pay raise every year. Americans across the country are out of work and those who are working are certainly not receiving automatic annual salary increases.

We talk a lot about cutting back – automatic pay raises should be the first item on the chopping block. Yes, Congress passed bills that I co-sponsored to eliminate the pay raise for 2010 and 2011, but those bills did not permanently remove the raise. So yesterday I introduced legislation that does.

But ending the pay raise is just part of my larger goal of applying common sense Missouri solutions to Washington's problems. As part of setting rules for the new Congress, the Senate finally passed the Secret Holds Elimination Resolution, which requires that all holds on legislation be disclosed within 48 hours.

As you know, I’ve been working on eliminating secret holds for more than a year. The practice allowed Senators to anonymously prevent consideration of legislation, robbing the American people of the chance to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions and stopping the Senate from doing the business you elected us to do. It’s your government. You deserve better transparency. Now you have it.

It's rarely easy to change long-standing rules and practices, but I'm committed to making the Senate more transparent and accountable


Eli said...

Is that the OLDEST picture of Sen. McCaskill you could find?

Haha! :)

Harry S said...

It’s our government. We deserve better transparency. We do not have it. A Senator should disclose all the family's tax returns and all off shore bank accounts and government related contracts. Ms. McCaskill's family does not.

Anonymous said...

Congress doesn't deserve anything they get but they still get it.

I have NO benefits where I work and they should try that for awhile and then see how they feel about health care reform.

I'm sure Boner's tanning bed sessions are related to a skin condition and probably paid in full. No doubt.