Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Akin to vote no on debt limit increase

Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo. who is challenging Claire McCaskill for U. S. Senate, says he will vote against increasing the debt limit tonight. From the news release:

Honoring President Obama’s request, House Republican leadership have scheduled a vote tonight on increasing the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling – with no tax increases or spending reductions attached.

In a statement today, Akin said:

“This is the vote that the President asked for, but it will not be the result he wants.

“The American people are fed up with an endless diet of debt-backed spending. I, and many other representatives, will not be voting for yet another increase in the debt limit.

“Without ensuring that we cut our annual deficit, cap spending and make a solid, long-term balanced budget plan, it is simply foolish to continue to increase the nation’s debt limit.”


Personal Home Inspector said...

The republican¬s must not be thinking properly. Don't they remember that when all those jobs start rolling in from the extension of the bushwhacker tax cuts everything will be ok. I have been keeping an eye out for them but haven't seen them yet. It is hard for me to look everywhere for them so how bout some of you keep an eye out too and we can let everyone know just as soon as the jobs come in.. It's going to be great isn't it?

Online Home Inspector said...

The truth of the matter is that the Deficit wasn't a problem until the Bush Tax Cuts was instituted iln 2001. After that, unemployment grew (20 million jobs lost) and the deficit grew ($6.25 Trillion to $11 Trillion). Public Works is a proven way to get people back to work, China uses it and Germany uses it. Like a new pair of sketchers, it takes your toes off of the ground and puts you in the race.

Save My Marriage said...

"We’d have to balance the budget tomorrow" ,that would happen if we hit the debt ceiling or deflated on repaying our debt. Hope China doesn't ask for all its money back (wouldn't happen unless the international money is changedfrom dollars to another currency).
"No more Medicare, Medicaid, a drastically reduced military budget " We all could live with that.
Remember, if we changed our spending, creditors won't ask for their money back. We are a bad risk right now.