Friday, July 29, 2011

Pizza by Stout not likely to reopen

Bad news for fans of great pizza and a restaurant with a great atmosphere.

An AP story indicates Pizza by Stout, which was destroyed by the May 22 tornado, will not be rebuilding. The business employed many of my former Diamond Middle School students, one of whom, Anthony Shipman, is featured in the article:

Shipman also worked part-time as a bartender at a Pizza by Stout, a popular local restaurant that was destroyed by the tornado. Shipman ran the pizza joint's Facebook site, which has been inundated with comments from loyal customers pleading for the business to reopen. But that appears unlikely to occur.

Casey Cusick, who managed the restaurant with his aunt and uncle, said they have decided not to reopen Pizza by Stout. Cusick said the restaurant had about 30 employees, and he is among those who have filed for unemployment benefits as a result of the tornado. Cusick, 31, said he is planning a career change and taking courses at Missouri Southern State University.

The article also notes that 1,200 Joplin residents have filed for unemployment benefits since the tornado.

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pastor mackster said...

My son is so sad, he loved Pizza by Stout.

Anonymous said...

They had a great beer selection, and I'm sad to see any private non-chair restaurant fold - especially in the midst of a tragedy. But let's face it, their pizza was really terrible.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did that come form Anon 12:31? Their pizza was darned good actually. You must be on some kind of drugs because it was some of the best pizza in town.