Monday, December 12, 2011

Photos from Saturday's book signing for 5:41 at Hastings

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the book signing for 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado Saturday at Hastings Books in Joplin.

The book's co-author, John Hacker, and I had the opportunity to talk with dozens of people and share more stories about the events of May 22.

The next eventt for the book is scheduled for this Wednesday at 4 p.m. when I talk to the Joplin High School Reading Club at the Memorial campus.

(Photos from top, Joplin High School freshman Denton Williams, who contributed a story to the book, signs a copy, John Hacker talks with the Nugents from Carl Junction, Rose Fogarty, St. Louis, who contributed a story to 5:41,and one of my former students, Forrest Barnard)


Anonymous said...

Remind me. Did I hear that you are donating the profits from the book to the recovery effort, in some fashion?

Randy said...

I hope I am wrong and that this is a legitimate question from someone who is not simply trying to take a cheap shot at me. We will be paying for publication of a book about the first year at the new East Middle School building in the Crossroad Center industrial park and the students' stories about the tornado and the recovery effort.

John and I will also make sure that each student and staff member at East receives a free copy of that book. One hundred percent of the sales from the East book will go back into the school's writing program.

Encouraging writing and enabling the displaced students to tell their stories in a fashion that will not only engage the reader, but will also serve a therapeutic purpose, was the direction John and I decided to take.

I wrote about this a couple of months ago and I have not made it a big deal of it since that time. I am not sure of the exact amount the project will cost, but it will be in the thousands and we are footing the bill.

One reason I have not made a big deal about this is because I don't want people to buy the book because they want to read it, not because they feel some kind of responsibility to buy it.

If this was intended as a serious question and was not just someone who has pegged me as profiteering off other people's misery, I apologize.

Yes, John and I will make money off 5:41. The Joplin Globe made money off its book, as did the Kansas City Star,in addition to the money they donated to charitable causes. And they should make money, Both newspapers printed outstanding books.

One thing which makes me extremely proud is that our book has sold well, despite the meager amount of promotion given to it. People have spread the news through word of mouth, not because they felt they had to contribute to a good cause, but because they thought it was a good read.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make 5:41 a success.

Anonymous said...

I'm 12:25, Randy,

Thank you for sheding light on the multitude of positive activities occuring and the hopeful positive outcome to your efforts to encourage students to write and express themselves.

Randy said...

There is a mistake in my earlier comment; I meant to say that I want people to buy the book because they want to read it and not because they feel some obligation.