Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steelman on payroll tax cut: Get 'er done

If the people who are advising Sarah Steelman in her U. S. Senate campaign really think that using the phrase "Get 'er done," shows that she is up to date and current, she might need to find some new advisors.

Sarah Steelman is calling on U.S. Senators to pass the payroll tax cut extension before they leave for Christmas and the Holiday break. Last night, the House of Representatives passed the extension with bipartisan support. Today or tomorrow the vote goes to the Senate.

"Most people who I hear from are wondering the same thing I am: if both Republicans and Democrats in Congress agree on extending the payroll tax cut, why don't they pass it? Here's why - because Washington has become so dysfunctional and misguided that even when they all agree that this tax cut offers real relief to American families in the midst of a serious recession, they want to attach other legislation to it so both sides can blame each other for its failure to pass. We have to change the way Washington works. If I was in the U.S. Senate, I would fight for a clean up or down vote on extending this tax cut."

Harry Reid, upon hearing of the bill's passage in the House, has deemed it "dead on arrival," as has Senator McCaskill, and President Obama has threatened to veto.

"President Obama and Senators McCaskill and Reid's lack of leadership is hurting American families. End this partisanship and put Americans first." Steelman said.

"This payroll tax cut extension is good for our economy and good for Americans and yet they refuse to sacrifice their own interests and put those of Americans' first," Steelman said. "The Senate has a perfect opportunity to put a bill in front of the President that will help families make ends meet by allowing them to keep more of their own dollars. It is inexcusable for Congress to leave Washington before the Christmas and Holiday break without extending the payroll tax cut."

Steelman summarized her message in three simple words with which Missourians are very familiar. "There's a saying out here in Missouri for this type of situation. 'Get 'er done.' It's that simple."

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