Saturday, August 04, 2012

Conservatives for Palin website offers encouragement for Sarah Steelman

If you can believe the rather biased folks on the Conservatives for Palin website, the former Alaska's governor's endorsement is going to pull former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman across the finish line first in the U. S. Senate race.

While that would be good for Mrs. Steelman, it would mean three more months of the most nauseating catchphrase of 2012, "The status quo has got to go."

Following is a sampling of the pro-Steelman comments:

James from Columbia, MissouriIt's going to be a tough fight for Steelman.  The other two GOP candidates are heavily funded and running false attack ads saying that Steelman supported Jimmy Hoffa and that she is the same as McCaskill and Obama.  All lies.  I don't care what the weather is going to be in Missouri on Tuesday, we need to get to the polls and vote for Sarah Steelman.  We can't afford the status quo any longer!

Virginia Gentleman 1Take heart friend James, Sarah Palin has repeatedly shown us that even the best funded campaigns and candidates are now vunerable to the 'WILL of the people', and that massive money isn't the dividing line anymore. Your Sarah Steelman will triumph !

David Zimmerman I read where Huckeby has endorsed Akin. So far Huck is batting zero.

(Photo by David Catanese)

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