Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Americans for Prosperty state director: Nixon is asking taxpayers to cough up more money

(From Americans for Prosperity)

Governor Nixon's suggestion to spend the surplus increases the fiscal burden and sends Missouri in the opposite direction of many Midwestern neighbors and the most competitive states in the nation, explained Americans for Prosperity - Missouri. In response to the Governor's State of the State address, Patrick Werner, state director of AFP-MO, drew attention to data which shows that multiple states around the nation, including nearby Kansas, Wisconsin, and Indiana, have passed massive tax relief.

The picture below shows the "checks" AFP-MO displayed at their press conference this afternoon at the State Capitol. Each check represents the amount taxpayers will receive in tax relief from their respective states.

"Once again, Governor Nixon is asking for taxpayers to cough up even more, while many other states are passing meaningful tax relief and making their states more economically competitive," explained Werner. "At the Capitol today AFP highlighted five states that have taken bold tax reform measures to move their states forward while Governor Nixon is embracing the IL model of more state spending and higher taxes. Missouri's economy will remain stagnant as long as we continue with such irresponsible policies."

In recent years Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin passed reforms that will give taxpayers significant refunds. In the first year of going into effect, Indiana taxpayers will receive $250 million in tax relief, Iowa Taxpayers will receive $440 million, North Carolina taxpayers will receive $500 million, Ohio taxpayers will receive $900 million, and Wisconsin taxpayers will receive $325 million.

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