Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video- Sinquefield group to present plan for Kansas City Public Schools

Leave it to Rex Sinquefield to come up with a plan to rescue Kansas City Public Schools by sending students to private schools. The plan is being pushed by the Sinquefield-funded Show-Me Institute.


Anonymous said...

The dumb thing about this 'plan' is there are very few private schools within the boundaries of the KCPS. Most Catholic schools were closed by the diocese many years ago, leaving only 2. There is a private school with tuition of $25K a year. Does Sinquefield think the state can afford to pay for those vouchers?

James Shuls said...

The report somewhat mischaracterized the paper and presentation. You can watch the presentation and view the paper here. http://showmeinstitute.org/publications/essay/education/1066-available-seats.html

James V. Shuls
Show-Me Institute